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Unitards (K-9 Longjohns), Housecoats, dog pajamas


Fleece Unitards:

4-Legged K-9 Longjohns are made of soft warm fleece. They cover the legs, neck, chest, back, hips and butt. They are open underneath from the bottom of the ribcage to the top of the tail which makes heading Nature's call a breeze. Nothing in the way!! The cuffs, neck and underneath are finished with rib knit. The Unitard can have either a 4" mock turtleneck, an 8" turtleneck that can reach up towards the ears or be turned down like the 'Mock Turtleneck', or a snood with an opening for a leash hook-up and reflective drawcord with a toggle to snug it up around the ears. They are easy to put on and take off and come with instructions. They are machine washable and dryable. Many folks layer them under the coats in extreme weather. These can also be made of cotton & cotton blend fabrics for a lighter weight garment. $42.00  Greyhound size. Smaller sizes are less, larger sizes slightly more. If you are providing your own fabric You'll receive a $7.00 allowance that will be refunded thru PAYPAL. Also, the Unitards take 1.5 yds of fleece.


Reversible Flannel Housecoat (formerly 'Jammies')

Two layers of 100% cotton flannel prewashed to eliminate shrinkage, the Housecoat is completely finished on either side and is reversible just for fun! The Housecoat covers the dog's chest in the front and underneath with the two layers that cover down to the ribcage and close up on the dog's back with either 2 ties made of bias tape or with a self fabric  'belt' that closes up on the back with velcro. The Housecoat is finished at the neck with co-ordinating bias tape. Or with a rib knit turtle neck. (small extra chg) Washable and dryable.  $32.00 for Greyhound sizes. Smaller sizes are less, larger sizes slightly more. If you are providing your own fabric you'll be given a fabric 'allowance of $5.00 for the flannel. It will be refunded to you via PAYPAL. I can no longer have the site deduct the allowance from the shopping cart.



Dyson is wearing a Fleece Pullover with an attached snood. A 4" Mock Turtleneck (included in price) or a full 16" Turtleneck (+$3.00), or a snood with opening for lead and reflective drawcord (+$5.00)  are also options.The Pullovers are a good alternate for the Hound who does not like the Unitard and really needs the warmth up around his chest and shoulders. They are made of fleece but can also be made of cotton or cotton blends. The cuffs, neck and waistband is rib knit. For Girl Greys the belly part comes down farther than the one Dyson is wearing because we have to keep in mind the boys' plumbing aisle!! $31.00 for Greyhound sizes. Smaller sizes are less, larger sizes slightly more.


"MIMI' Pullovers

The MIMI Pullover was created by request by a Whippet Mom for Mimi, her show girl. MIMIs  pullover is made of 100% Cotton Flannel prewashed to dimish or eliminate shrinkage. It is front-leg-only garment that has a dart over the butt to acommodate the athletic physique of Sighthounds, but can be altered to fit 'Un-Hounds,' too. MIMIs have a full turtleneck of ribbed knit. The cuffs and the underneath are also rib knit. The chest part is also ribknit. the cotton flannel, being a bit lighter weight than the fleece or even cotton knit are perfect for the dog who needs just a little extra warmth.   $32.00  Greyhound sizes. Smaller sizes are less, larger sizes slightly  more.