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Storm Coats and Raincoats


The Storm Coat is the perfect outer wear for the Greyhound who takes long walks or spends more time outside when it's cold. The first layer of the coat is 420 denier Durable water Repellent Nylon, the inner layer is soft fleece. The combination of the two keeps the dogs toasty, warm and dry even on some of the worst winter weather. The attached snood can be worn either up on the head ,over the ear where it can be snugged down with a reflective draw cord, or turned down to create a turtleneck. Just like all of the No Nude Hounds coats the Storm coat has the dart over the butt to keep the coat in place and fit the Greyhounds' athletic body style. The coat can close either with a belly band with Velcro that covers the area around the bottom of the rib cage, or it can have the 'T-Strap,' the most popular choice. It covers the dog's chest from the front of the chest, to the end of the rib cage. It, too, has Velcro to close the coat.  $78.00 for Greyhound sizes. Smaller sizes are less, larger sizes slightly more.



Our Raincoats are made of 420 denier Durable Water Repellent Nylon on the outside and soft 100% prewashed cotton flannel. The attached snood is long enough to come up over the Hound's ears and snugs up with reflective drawcord and a toggle. Therre is also a 2.5" opening to facilitate a leash hook-up. The body of the coat has the same style as our other coats with the deep dart over the butt to accommodate the Sighthound's body style. This can be changed to fit any dog body type. The coat closes either with a Belly Band and Velcro up on the dog's side, or a T-Strap and Velcro that closes up on the dog's back and cinches it down a bit. $78.00 for Greyhound sizes. Smaller sizes are less, larger sizes slightly more.