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One Layer of soft Polyester Fleece, the Single Layer perfect for areas that have milder Winters, or for a Spring or Fall transitional coat. The snood is attached and has a 2.5" opening for a leash hook-up. The Snood can be worn up and over the ears for protection or scrunched down like a 'Turtleneck.' Either way the Snood snugs up with a light reflecting draw cord giving strong visibility when walking at night or foggy days. The closure is a belly band with ample Velcro.

The coat has a dart over the Hounds' butt to facilitate your Hounds 'different' shape. If ordering for an 'Un-Hound' the dart can be eliminated or modified. If you don't see a fleece that you like you can visit www.joannfabrics.com, or www.picotextiles.com.  Either will ship directly to me saving you extra shipping costs. You'll need 1.5 yards for each coat. Choose My Own Fabric in the drop-down menu. You'll be given a $7.00 allowance on your order.

All seams are reinforced and double top-stitched for a tailored look and long wearability. No built-in obsolesence here! Single Layer coat is finished with Bias Tape.  $42.00  for Greyhound sizes. Other sizes vary.

An Afghan and her Greyhound sister both wearing co-ordinating Single Layer coats

An Afghan and her Greyhound sister both wearing co-ordinating Single Layer coats

Double Layer Reversible Feece Coats


This coat offers a GREYT deal of warmth and protection in the cold. They have the same attached snood with the 2.5" opening for a leash hook-up and the reflective draw cord for snugging around the top of your Hound's head to protect those almost 'see-through' ears. The Double Layer closes with either a Belly Band and Velcro up on the dog's side, or with a 'T-Strap' with Velcro on the Dog's back. 

Both sides of the coat are completely finished with reinforced seams and double top stitching for durability and long lasting wear. It is also reversible, giving you 2 choices of fleece showing. The T-strap can be reversed  giving the appearance of a co-ordinating belt . We suggest a patterned fleece on one side and a solid color on the other. $78.00 for Greyhound sizes. Smaller sizes are less, larger sizes slightly more.