HELP for 'Markers', Seniors, Incontinence Issues


Belly Bands

The Belly Band consists of 4 layers of fabric: The outside layer is 100% prewashed cotton in the pattern of your choice. Here's your opportunity to show off your boy's personality. It's something you can't hids, so why not make it very visible! Possibly a bit of humor. There are many from which to choose. Next comes the layer of lightweight water repellent nylon. Next is the 'secret ingredient," a layer of ZORB, a specialy fabric desiigned to improve the performance of reusable diapers (or Belly Bands and Bitch's Britches.) ZORB traps 10X its weoght in moisture in seconds second. That's  faster than cotton, bamboo, or hemp knits. You could still, for even longer periods of time, use a stick on incontinence pad, but's under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be necessary. Last layer, the one next to your boy's skin, is 100% prewashed, soft cotton flannel. The Belly bands are serged together and have mitered edges. They are double top-stitched and stitched in 5 different directions to make sure all layers permanently stay in place. Finally there are 2 2" wide strips of Velcro to keep it on your Hound! Thank you, George Scheide, for such a fine modeling job on what could be a 'sensitive subject!'  $18.00

Can't forget the Ladies' issues


Bitch's Britches

The Bitch's Britches were created 10 years ago for a lovely Lady Hound from MI, Paige Heater. She was aging and having some issues with incontinence. Her Mom contacted me and the 'Bitch's Britches were born. Thank you, Sweet Paige.

The Britchees are constructed exactly like the Belly Bands with the same fabrics and stitching and velcro. They are shaped to fit the girls' plumbing area and have some elastic in the leg openings to help r=prevent leaks. An incontinence pad could be used, but probably won't be necessary. The Britches close up on her back with enough Velcro that if she gains a few ounces or so, they will still fit her.   $24.00