About Us


In The Beginning

We adopted our first Greyhound, Chandler in March, 2000. I was addicted to Greyhounds the moment we picked him up. I've been sewing since I was 10 years old...a VERY long time. I am fortunate to be able to marry my God-given talent with my love of dogs and create a business that can 'pay-it-forward' to Greyhound adoption groups.

Back then there was the 'Grehound List' online where newbie adopters could get helpful information from seasoned Greyhounders, groups could announce an upcoming event or online auction. When I would see that a group needed donations I would make up several of my original item, the Single Layer Fleece Coat in sizes for the Hounds and I'd send them to the groups to help out with the veterinary bills. I did this for about a year until  I could no longer afford to give them away, there were many. My Husband and my Mom convinced me to start a business online and sell my creations. That was early in 2001. And the rest is history. I wish I had kept a count of how many coats, etc that I've made. I know it's now in the thousands. 

Who We Are

Kerry, that's  me. Im the designer & seamstress. My Husband, Jim (we call him 'Mac') is my "Office Wench." He prints the orders, logs them in (I insist they be written down the OLD way...no spread sheets here...hand written log books don't crash, computerized spread sheets do!) I still have log books from the beginning. Mac also answers some of my email, keeps everything in order, and prints up the shipping labels. He isn't paid a salary but the benefits are top-shelf.

Ethyl is our only Greyhound right now. Since 2000 we've had 9 Greyhounds. We have mostly adopted the older retired broodies and unfortunately they have passed on. We have 2 'other' dogs who needed homes and decided to come to us. Stuart, our Boston Terrier (Terrorist) came to us when we live in NC. It's a very long story, but he was in a sad situation, un-neutered, un-socialized, and un-loved. He and I bonded as soon as the former owner placed him on my lap in the truck. Neither of us was able to pick him up, sadly, so the woman had to help out. By the time we made it back to the mountain Stu was cuddled in and giving kisses. He's funny, a typical terrier and his sisters, Ethyl & June, our Standard Poodle, have absolutely no respect for him. It's not too bad for him. He sleeps under the covers with us every night, all 37 lbs of him. He's not a small Boston. Then there is June, our most recent addition. June came to us 'permanently' on her 4th birthday, Oct. 12, 2015. Her owner was a resident on the mountain. June would stay with us if her owner had to be away for any length of time so we were able to bond with her from the time she was 3 months old. When the owner decided to move away from the mountain she thought June would be happier with us and  asked us to take her. Poodles are very smart and have boundless energy, so unlike the Greyhounds we were used to. June likes to think she's the 'Alpha' here, but Ethyl and Stu know better. That's Ethyl's job. We also have 2 cats, Renee, a beautiful, sweet Calico who is about 16 years old and named after my best friend and Arthur. Renee moved down to NC with us and moved back, too, and Arthur was rescued in NC. They are indoors only and have many windows to look out of. Since we feel that every squirrel in Oakland County lives in our trees the cats are never without visual stimulation. In the picture is Stuart, Kyra (R.I.P.) and Ethyl in the NC house on my birthday waiting for their ice cream!!